It takes many hands to harvest our crop and we have been very fortunate to have our loyal and loving friends come to the Farm to help.  It is with great sadness, however, that our dearest friend Chuck Smock, is no longer with us but he will always be in our hearts and ever present at the Farm.  We will truly miss him.   Murray Braden, is our amazing “Barn Diva”. She has been with the Davenport Fruit Farm for years and for this we thank her Big Time! . Murray is a little workaholic, fabulous with the customers and is forever smiling.  She gives us several hours a week before running off to do other volunteer jobs.  Jack Boss, “Cider Man Extraordinaire”, we couldn’t survive without his constant help and support.  Jack and Jeff are responsible for all the fabulous Cider that is made on the Farm.  He puts in long days and we can never thank him enough. We also thank our long-time friend Dianne Lawson for being the best at whatever job she is given, sorting and bagging apples and sales.  She also bakes and cooks yummy meals for us to enjoy when the day is over, love you, Dianne!  John Daly, thanks for all the pizzas you bring to us on Cider Pressing Day and for all your love and support.

Big Hugs and Lots of Love!

The Davenport Fruit Farm Family