Selecting the Right Apple

Apple Picking…How to Suit the Fruit to the Recipe…

Apples Best Enjoyed Raw  

Whether due to a lack of flavor when cooked or an unpleasant texture, there are some clunkers when it comes to cooking with apples.  These are best eaten out of hand or used in raw preparations, like a salad.  Fuji, Cortland and Gala don’t brown quickly when cut and are especially good choices.

Apples That Hold Their Shape (Firm)

Apples that soften but keep their shape when cooked or baked are a good choice for an apple up-side-down cake where you want to see gorgeous individual slices. They’re also perfect in pies and tarts, pancakes, added to stuffings and roasted or braised dishes.  They are the choice for baked apples.  Sweet: Honeycrisp, Jazz, Jonagold, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious; Tart and Tangy: Northern Spy, Baldwin, Granny Smith and Rome.

Apples That Soften Easily (Soft)

Some apples surrender texture when cooked, making them especially good for applesauce and pureed soups.  A few added to a pie, tart or turnover along with firm apples will give the dessert additional body.  Sweet: Pippin; Tart and Tangy: McIntosh, Empire, Jonathan, Lady Apple and Macoun.