Apple sales are set to begin on Monday, September 14th 2020 10am-6pm, and end Sunday October 25th 10am-6pm.

Davenport Fruit Farm is constantly adding new varieties of apples to our orchards. Currently, we offer the following:

Honey Crisp Sweet, Tart Flavor

  •  Great for eating, pies, baking

McIntoshCrisp, Tart-Sweet

    •   Great for eating, baking,     applesauce and apple butter
Northern SpySweet-Tart, Juicy
  •  Great for eating, pies, baking

Red FujiSweet, Crisp

  •  Great for eating, pies, baking
  •  Excellent for juice

Cortland – Crisp, Sweet-Tart Flesh

  •  All purpose red apple
  •  Good for cooking and eating

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