Allegheny College

In 1815, Allegheny College was established in Meadville, PA.  Years later, in 1910, Davenport Fruit Farm was founded just 3.3 miles away.  Through the years, these places grew and changed, and it was about 100 years later that the two institutions came together.  Today, volunteers from “Edible Allegheny” happily pick apples on weekends and we so appreciate their time and support of the Farm.  The Allegheny dining halls also purchase our apples for the students to enjoy.  

Davenport Fruit Farm participates in Allegheny’s events, providing apples and farming expertise. The community that has arisen from this bond is a gift to all involved, and, hopefully, will persist for many years to come.  We thank all the many volunteers over the years.  

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